Collection: Frying Pans!?

Consider wearing this egg design to symbolize your medical journey instead of the traditional ribbon.  It’s like cracking the code on representation!  An egg itself represents transformation and resilience in a distinct way.  Unlike the traditional ribbon, an egg mirrors the journey from fragility (like a diagnosis) to discovering extraordinary inner strength while within the same shell. Choosing this egg as the symbol for your hardship will display your pride, invite deep contemplation, starting conversations about the many layers of your experience beyond what a ribbon might convey.    

In this pan, amidst three eggs, stands one uniquely colored. That singular egg embodies you—your resilience amid struggles. You deserve recognition, to shine bright, because your strength is truly egg-ceptional! - Stephanie

Every design also comes in a kid's tee, just search their hardship color or disease and add the word youth.  More designs are on their way! 

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Representative Ribbons

Representative Ribbons

A ribbon for every hardship, in every color, for everyone.