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Representation from diagnosis to survivorship, all designed by a survivor

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Wear It With Pride

Survivor Says designs are meant to promote awareness, to help show support for each other, and above all, to make you feel seen. Be proud of your fight. Let's build comraderie around our health battles so we can fight together.

  • Eggs For All

    Happy and fun designs that you can't help but smile at while always symbolizing your survivorship.

  • Pick Me Ups

    Sometimes, a little inspiration is just what you or someone near you needs.

  • Inclusion

    There is a multitude of designs that were made specifically for your disease or health need. So many more to come!

  • From A Survivor

    All designs are created by a real survivor and come from a place of empathy and love.

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A Little About Me

Hello new friends!

My name is Stephanie: I am a cancer survivor and invisible disease fighter. I was diagnosed with leukemia as a teenager and had to have a bone marrow transplant. My BMT resulted in my hospitalization for eight consecutive months due to the many medical complications and numerous setbacks. While I am so fortunate to be cancer free, my treatments have left me living with avascular necrosis in every major joint, general neuropathy, and a whole set of other chronic hardships. So when I say it takes a survivor to know a survivor, I truly mean it.

When I was at my most ill, people would stare at me. I would paint "Cancer Survivor" on my clothes in hopes people would stop staring. Wearing my homemade designs made me feel proud and powerful despite everything happening around me.

I want my designs to make you feel like I did. Proud, powerful, and maybe even joyous.

Stay Strong - Stephanie