The Story Behind the name "Survivor Says" Clothing Brand

The Story Behind the name "Survivor Says" Clothing Brand


Choosing a name for a clothing brand can be a daunting task, but for me, it was surprisingly straightforward. "Survivor Says" wasn't the first name that crossed my mind, but it quickly resonated with me, capturing the essence of resilience and strength that I wanted my brand to embody. In this blog post, I'll share the thought process behind the name and why it perfectly aligns with the brand's purpose.

The Inspiration:

As I brainstormed names for my clothing brand, I knew I wanted something powerful and meaningful  that could universally resonate with people.  It wasn't until the second or third name that "Survivor Says" emerged, and I instantly felt that it was the right choice.  The word "survivor" carries profound significance, especially for those grappling with medical challenges, capturing the enduring strength of individuals navigating through tough journeys. Whether someone identifies as a "survivor" at any stage, envisions it as their ultimate goal, or connects more with terms like "fighter" or "warrior," the word "survivor" inclusively embraces everyone on their distinctive paths.  This reflects the indomitable spirit my brand aims to represent, making it relatable to the diverse experiences of individuals facing medical challenges.

Symbolism in "Survivor Says":

What sets "Survivor Says" apart is not just the word "survivor" but the addition of "says" that follows. This simple, two-word combination holds a deep meaning. By placing "says" after "survivor," it emphasizes the present tense, suggesting that survivors have an ongoing voice and story to share. It represents resilience in action, acknowledging that survivors not only endure but also continue to contribute to the world around them.  It's my favorite aspect, and I believe it speaks volumes, even though I also think, it could easily be overlooked.

Fitting the Purpose:

The name "Survivor Says" encapsulates the purpose of the clothing brand perfectly. It's more than just fabric and design; it's a statement of strength, courage, and the will to persevere. In a world where medical challenges are overwhelming, the brand aims to be a source of empowerment and a reminder that survivors have a unique voice that deserves to be heard.

Empowering the Wearers:

Clothing is a form of self-expression, and "Survivor Says" seeks to empower its wearers by providing a tangible representation of resilience. Each piece is a testament to the journey of overcoming adversity, a symbol of hope, and a reminder that survivors are not defined by their challenges but by their strength to endure and thrive.


In the end, naming my clothing brand "Survivor Says" was a natural and heartfelt decision. It captures the essence of resilience, strength, and the ongoing narrative of survivors. The combination of "survivor" and "says" beautifully encapsulates the brand's purpose, emphasizing the present and the power of each survivor's unique voice. Through clothing, "Survivor Says" becomes a beacon of empowerment, inviting individuals to wear their stories proudly and inspire others with the strength that lies within.


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